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Your Dedicated Page

From the ‘more info’ link, you will be able to have your own Enhanced Listing, on Charity Hub East. We want to provide you with an opportunity to share more detail with your target audience around, what you do, why you do it, and who can get involved.

Key Details

Under this section, you’ll have the chance to list various key bullet points, such as:

  • We’re dedicated to the provision of support for children with learning disabilities.
  • We seek volunteers to be befrienders and to help offer respite activities.
  • We stage several fundraising events each year, of which, our key event is a Christmas Day swim.

More Detail

This area will allow you to expand a little more about your goals, how long you’ve been running, and perhaps your recent successes in the charitable sector across East Anglia.

It’s a great area in which to write about the kind of corporate partners you might be seeking, perhaps to mention some significant forthcoming campaigns, or to mention the kind of person who is well suited to your work.

You can also use this area to refer to a particular person (using an email address and telephone number) with which interested parties should make initial contact.