Grants, Giving and ‘Getting Noticed’ at Sector Event

Grants, Giving and ‘Getting Noticed’ at Sector Event

Charity leaders, fundraisers, committed corporate supporters and third sector member bodies made up an audience of highly engaged delegates at a special sector event today.

Led by Lloyds Bank and staged at the IWIC facility in Ipswich, the event had been planned around the theme of Sustainability and Growth for Not for Profits.

It featured a number of keynote speakers, including representatives from the Lloyds Bank Foundation and the online giving portal Work For Good.

Also presenting about his experience as the head of a charity, was Charles Rowett – now CEO of Gotelee Solicitors – who previously ran Yorkshire Cancer Charity.

Delegates were encouraged to investigate the opportunity for their own causes to seek funding via the Lloyds Bank Foundation, and were given an insight into the amount of money currently distributed to not-for-profits in the East of England.

At present, 46 are helped by the Foundation – to the value of £2.6 million.

Danny Witter, CEO and co-founder of Work For Good, highlighted the fact that just 2% of UK charity income is received as cash from businesses.

However, he emphasised a shift in thinking about ‘giving’ among a younger generation of business leaders.

He said: “Businesses with ’cause’ embedded into their brand values grow at a faster rate. Profit alone is not enough.”

Charles Rowett’s speech highlighted the difficulties of corporate fundraising and said charities seeking to do so would need to be prepared to ‘kiss a lot of frogs’.

“Partnerships often fail for two reasons,” he said. “The company fails to recognise that the charity is a professional organisation with a high level of public trust.

“And or, the charity treats the company only as a source of money and not a full partner in the journey.”

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