IWIC to Stage Lloyds-Led Charity Event

IWIC to Stage Lloyds-Led Charity Event

Charities and businesses are to come together for a one-off event being hosted by LLoyds Bank.

The Lloyds Bank Sustainability and Growth Event for Charities, is being staged at the IWIC Centre at the University of Suffolk on Wednesday 28th March.

Keynote speakers for the occasion will include Charles Rowett, of Gotelee Solicitors, Danny Witter from Workfor Good, and Chris Anderson, from Lloyds Bank Foundation.

Speaking about the significance of the event – which runs from 930am until 1pm – Peter Basford, of Lloyds, said: “With central funding reducing and there being so much competition for the public’s personal financial support, we thought it was really important to try to help by bringing together an event and experts that can help.”

For further information, email peter.basford@lloydsbanking.com.


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