More Mentors Trained by Your Own Place

More Mentors Trained by Your Own Place

A Norfolk-based social enterprise has completed another successful mentor training programme in the region.

Launched by Rebecca White in 2013, Your Own Place seeks to improve the opportunities and experiences of young people in East Anglia, via a unique Volunteer Tenancy Mentoring scheme.

This week, the organisation marked a further landmark, with 30 more volunteers fully trained and equipped to support young people.

Companies throughout Norfolk and Suffolk have been quick to support the initiative, seeing it as an invaluable opportunity to improve the skills and experiences of their employees in a way which also benefits the community.

Rebecca, who has a number of further initiatives planned for this year, said: “Developing the skills of local businesses and their staff is one way that our social enterprise is becoming sustainable and achieving their mission of preventing youth homelessness.

“Businesses are buying spaces on our training and putting their staff forward as volunteer mentors.  The employees, the business and the community all stand to gain from having amazing trained and motivated mentors.”

Following two days of first-rate training and a DBS check, employee mentors meet their mentees for a coffee once a week.  They practice their new-found mentoring and coaching skills as an informal listening ear and powerful role-model.

Rebecca added: “We see this as high impact CSR that everybody benefits from. It really is a win-win.”

For more information call Rebecca on 07530 028446.

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