What Could You Do With £40?

What Could You Do With £40?

A new charitable initiative has been rolled out in Suffolk this morning, at an event to mark International Women’s Day.

Deborah Watson, communications agency owner and founder of Charity Hub East, announced the 40For40 concept in Ipswich as part of a networking breakfast attended by several charities.

Having turned 40 today, Deborah wanted to create a ‘giving back’ fundraising project which could benefit her county town’s many charitable causes and social enterprises.

She will be giving a sum of £40 to 40 organisations who wish to ‘elevate’ the donation throughout the course of 12 months.

Deborah’s intention is to choose causes which have a creative plan around how they might enhance the initial cash amount.

“Fundraising is of course an ongoing need for those in the third sector, but the harsh reality is that many of the grants and funds once made available, are now diminishing, or being accessed by many more charities and causes,” she said.

“My idea with 40for40 is to emphasise the fact that even small sums, when combined with creativity and enthusiasm, can be elevated into something much more significant.

“It may be that people use the initial sum to go and buy ingredients and then run cake sales every week throughout the year, or they buy items with which to clean cars – the scope is vast, but it will get organisations thinking about how even small amounts can grow.”

With the announcement made at an event to coincide with International Women’s Day, Deborah fittingly chose to award the first £40 donation to Lighthouse Women’s Aid, based in Ipswich.

The money was collected by its CEO, Laura Squirrell.

Deborah added: “I’m really looking forward to charting the progress of the fundraising journey for each of the causes which seek to be considered. My aim is to then create a book of all the accomplishments, and to emphasise from their experiences what they learned and achieved in taking a small amount of money, but turning it into a greater overall amount.”

To be in with a chance of receiving one of the £40 donations, email deborah@lexiaagency.co.uk

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